The DucTuanCo.Ltd was established by Captain Tan with the formation by some persons at Vietnam Nation Shipping as Ship-owner/operation, CharteringShip Brokering, Port operation, Crew supplier desk too. After few year of success in the shipping industry and some pioneering cargo fixtures, the our company diversified into various vessels size:

-Small Dry Cargo: various ship which carries break bulk cargoes by single or multi-decked

-Bulk Carrier: Some ship with single deck designed to carry loose cargo

Small size: in range 5,000 dwt – 10,000 dwt

Handysize: in range 10,000 dwt - 30,000 dwt

Handymax: in range 30,000 dwt - 50,000 dwt

Panamax: in range 50,000 dwt - 65,000 dwt

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