The DucTuanCo.Ltd was established by Captain Tan with the formation by some persons at Vietnam Nation Shipping as Ship-owner/operation, CharteringShip Brokering, Port operation, Crew supplier desk too. After few year of success in the shipping industry and some pioneering cargo fixtures, the our company diversified into various vessels size:

-Small Dry Cargo: various ship which carries break bulk cargoes by single or multi-decked

-Bulk Carrier: Some ship with single deck designed to carry loose cargo

Small size: in range 5,000 dwt – 10,000 dwt

Handysize: in range 10,000 dwt - 30,000 dwt

Handymax: in range 30,000 dwt - 50,000 dwt

Panamax: in range 50,000 dwt - 65,000 dwt


DucTuanCo.Ltd commenced its journey as a trading team by limestone products owned limestone manufacture, subcontractors of coal mines operation and inland transportation, handling bag cement and related bulk materials... Over the last decades our company has developed trusted trading partners in the coal, cement industry by virtue of our consistent and long-term performance. A strong foothold in our core businesses has allowed our company to explore new markets, in particular, expanding into energy and soft commodities.

 DucTuanCo.Ltd’s strong performance record and commitment to working with reputable buyers and sellers has made DucTuanCo.Ltd a renowned name in the bulk trading market. In addition to Clinker, we have successfully developed the trade of cementations materials such as Chemical Fertilizer and other minerals.


About Us

Welcome to Duc Tuan Shipping and Trading Co.,Ltd (DucTuanCo.Ltd)

 As part of an holistic approach to affecting a dramatic change in the way we address the challenge of globalisation, and the concurrent increases in resource use that occur as a direct result of growth, DucTuanCo.Ltd offers a platform to spread knowledge and ideas about good practice on the part of producers and consumers alike.
DucTuanCo.Ltd has developed into a successful bulk-commodity trading, shipping, and ect. Our company has focused on vertical integration in its evolution, linking together a supply chain process to optimize efficiency.
As an international supplier and trading DucTuanCo.Ltd has gained recognition as a leader in the import and export of dry bulk commodities, and those include:





Chemical Fertilizer

 The group’s shipping division offers chartering, operating, freight trading, and technical management services – backed by professional teams and our own fleet of bulk carriers. With a combined professionals staff working in our headquarters and branch offices across the core trading regions,DucTuanCo.Ltd  is dedicated to provide excellence always.
Our main activities:

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Shipping
  • Port operator
  • Crew supplier

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