IMO company number: 5879043 issued by the International Maritime Organization.

Certificate of Safety Management System (DOC) No. 037/QL16 issued by Vietnam Registry Department.

DTST Corp was established and set up by Captain Tan and some members with many years of experience have worked on the world's largest ocean vessels, ship groups ... as:

  • Ship owners, Ship’s managements and operation,
  • Chartering and Brokering,
  • Port operation, Shipping agency,
  • Bunkering, Repairing and Crews supply.

After many years of success in the shipping industry, we have diversified goods into many different ship/vessels size:

Small size: from 4,000 dwt - 10,000 dwt

Handysize: from 10,001 dwt - 30,000 dwt

Handymax: from 30,001 dwt - 50,000 dwt

Panamax: in range 50,001 dwt - 65,000 dwt


Certificate of Safety Management System (DOC) No. 037/ QL16 issued by Vietnam Registry Department.


         For safe operation, the effectiveness of the company's projects and in accordance with the regulations, international law and international conventions on safety, maritime security, environmental protection and optimal operation fleet, DTST Corp. held the exploitation and management of:

  1. The Directors of the Company:

Direct operating activities of the Company. Deploy and execute the extraction vessel and maintain a security management system, safety including implementation of corrective actions defects and nonconformities are reported. Layout and the use of qualified professional qualifications and work experience appropriate for each position in the trading system, ship operators, security management and safety. Board of Directors of the Company will carry out the work, including:

+ Provide the necessary resources (human and material resources) to implement the system charterers, operators and ship management.

+ Command System review, find out what's inappropriate, evaluate the effectiveness of the system, steering system improvements.

+ Establish and mobilize incident rescue teams as a competent leader of the team high.

+ Establish and direct the internal review team to do the evaluation.

+ Working with the media and stakeholders about the major events in the Company and its fleet.

  1. Chartering and Operation Department:

+ Operation transportation contracts, orders.

+ Track the location and frequent train schedules, inform the relevant departments.

+ Track and synthesize each shipment, the lead time, the relative fuel consumption in flight, categories.

+ Quality rating agency had ships in the ports.

+ Assign agents subject to the approval of the Director of the Company.

+ Prepare expected queue profile.

+ Maintain communications between the ship and the company. Get information from the vessel and the vessel information through forms of communication accordingly.

+ Send profile expected queue directly or through agents to the Captain of the vessel.

+ Check and corrected the technical name of the dangerous goods or hazardous substances and the information necessary to identify the provisions of the IMDG Code.

+ Guide transport, stowage, lashing of cargoes with special properties on the diagram queue.

+ Check and ensure that the weight and volume of goods in line with the load and volume of cargo ships.

  1. Ship Management Department:

+ Check, control and provide the information on the chart, maritime publications consistent with business plans of the ship.

+ To advise the Director of planning, implementing and monitoring the development of the company fleet.

+ Monitor, collect, update, study, dissemination and application of the guidelines amended text of the Convention, the laws and international regulations and laws of the country of goods for fleet and customs departments concerned.

+ To collect and update information on maritime safety, environmental protection, and notify the company board and departments concerned.

+ Investigate and research the preventive measures related to security and maritime safety and environmental protection.

+ To participate in the training for staff and record company job.

+ Join implementing internal assessment systems security management and safety at the company and on board.

+ Fulfillment of handling disputes in the cases related to the incident or accident of the fleet and the contract business of the Company.

  1. Technical Department – Supplies:

+ Check, control, preparation and implementation of the planned fleet maintenance and repair.

+ Investigate the failure of the ship including the hull, machinery and all claims arising out of insurance and ensure the recurrence prevention measures.

+ Check, control and manage the supply of materials and techniques for the ship.

+ Buy, for ship management and fuel, lubricants and chemicals.

+ Solve problems related to inappropriate techniques and supplies.

+ Rating the quality of the supplier and fuel supplies to the ship.

  1. HR – Crew center:

+ Responsible for hiring, recruitment, health and rights of seafarers.

+ Organization to enter and leave the train crew.

+ In charge of the issues of salary, promotion and other issues.

+ Direct or coordinate with relevant functional departments perform the essential training.

+ Make an assessment of the Company crew.

+ To participate in the training company personnel and record these activities.

      We believe that with our best of all officers and employees with the right investment DTST Corp. will non-stop growing.

      We are very thankful and appreciate your interest in the company, leaders of all levels, from central to local levels, the domestic and foreign partners have been and will accompany us along while, at the same time we also hope to continue receiving the cooperation and help contribute in the future to DTST Corp. we can implement the project, the new target, the greater the future.



  1. Vu Minh Tan / General Director - Captain.
  • Graduated from Vietnam Maritime University / Navigation Department.
  • The time has come to work at the Vietnam Nation Shipping Lines (Vinalines) for 6 years (2000-2006) at the department: Ship management, New ship building at the many shipyards in Vietnam and handed over to Universal Ship Fleet Japan with series of dry/bulk vessels 6,500 dwt – 25,000 dwt
  • From 2006 to 2008 work in dry/ bulk fleet operators, ship brokers of FALCON, VOSCO.
  • From 2008 to 2010 work as manager Chartering and Operation Dept. of SeaStar fleet.
  • From 2010 to 2013 joined to Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation (VINACOMIN), management, exploitation and transportation of coal in the coal mines: Deo Nai, Cao Son, Southwest Grinding,
  • From 2013 till now, establishment DTST Corp. as the team for shipping, ship owner and management, chartering, trucking, trading (import- export for cement, clinker, coal and minerals).


  1. Nguyen Van Dung / Deputy Director- Business Bachelor
  • Graduated Vietnam Maritime University - Economics Department,
  • From 1999 to 2007 worked at Vinakansai Group (Viet Nam Steel Corp,),
  • From 2007 to 2010 worked at the Hoa Phat Group with the rank of Marketing - Project Manager,
  • Operators for cargo transporting by sea of Viet Nam domestic routes,
  • Direct operating container freight by road and sea,
  • Commercial export of cement, steel, clinker, limestone ... and other commodities.


  1. Mr. Nguyen Van Hai / Manager of Shipping Management Dept., - Captain
  • Graduated from Vietnam Maritime University / Navigation Dept.,
  • From 2000 to 2006, is crews and officer at Nippon Steel fleet,
  • From 2006 to 2010 as Manager for 4 vessel 5,200dwt fleet,
  • Crew supply for Ocean Tugs fleet at Singapore, Korea, Taiwan…


  1. Mr. Mai Hong Luyen / Manager Technical Dept. – Chief Engineering
  • Graduated: Vietnam Maritime University
  • He has 6 years of service time in the Vietnam Maritime Corporation


  1. Ms. Le Thi Hoai / Manager of Finance Dept.,
  • Graduated: University of Finance and Accounting, has many years of work at construction and transportation companies.

Together with main members of experts, experience and professional of the ship management/operator, in addition, there are many officials experienced employees, active in various fields such as logistic, international trading/ im-export cargo, technical management, crew management, safety management and ship security ...

With the large agent systems, partners of trading in Asia and around the world, DTST Corp. are undertaking for carry of the main cargo on trading, exclusive & regular basis:

  1. Cement/clinker cargo export from North of Viet Nam to Philippines to any port Philippines:

(4,000mts - 20,000mts per shipments of monthly).

  1. Clinker from North of Viet Nam to Malaysia:

(7,000 – 32,000mts per shipment, 2-5 shipments of monthly).

  1. Carry coal/clinker/cement for Viet Nam domestic for 2 main electric power plant and some grinding cement station at South of Viet Nam:

(20,000mts - 30,000mts per shipment, 3-5 shipments of monthly).

  1. Carry importing coal from Russia to Viet Nam and China (since December, 2015):

(20,000mts - 30,000mts per shipment, 1-2 shipments of monthly).

  1. Cary coal from Indonesia to Viet Nam (since July, 2016):

(30,000mts - 60,000mts per shipment, 1-2 shipments of monthly).