DTST Corp. was established and set up by Captain Tan and some members on the board of directors, with many years of experience have been working for the largest ocean vessels of the world and shipping groups… as:

IMO company number: 5879043 issued by the International Maritime Organization.

Certificate of Safety Management System (DOC) No. 037/QL16 issued by Vietnam Registry Department.


DRY/ BULK/ Breakbulk cargo handling:

We ensure timely cargo loading as scheduled, and quickly release ship to save cost for customers.

Besides, we provide Customers with flexible solutions to support Customers during peak seasons when ships are stuck and incur costs.

With years of experience and staff’s activeness and knowledge in customs, DTST Corp. operations/ forwarders can deal with any arising problems, ensure goods quality and reduce loss ratio by applying professional and effective supply chain. Distinguished Customers should be assured because we consider your cargo as our assets and will try our best to protect them.

Traditional goods that have been transported by DTST Corp.:

• Cement, clinker… and building/constructions material products.

• Heavy equipment… and Steel products. 

• Rice, Sugar, Wheat, coffee… and agricultural products.

• Fertilizer… bulk chemicals products



Besides the fleet in own and affiliated ships, we are chartering ships with TCT (Time Charter Trips) and TC (Time Charter)

  • DTST Corp. – handling following cargo on exclusive & regular basis:
  •  Cement/ Clinker cargo export from North of Viet Nam to China, Philippines, Bangladesh…
  •  Carry coal for Viet Nam domestic and importing coal for 3 main electric power plant
  •  Limestones/ stone products from Vietnam to Indonesia and China
  •  Washed River sand from Malaysia to China
  •  Project/ equipment for Gas power plant and Wind power plants 
  •  Steel products (Coil, Plate and Wire rope) of Formosa Vietnam… 


After many years of success in the shipping industry, we have diversified goods into many different ship/vessels size:

Small size: from 4,000 dwt – 10,000 dwt

Handy size: from 10,001 dwt – 30,000 dwt

Handymax size: from 30,001 dwt – 50,000 dwt

Panamax size: in range 50,001 dwt – 65,000 dwt


DTST Corp. has direct contract with main shipping lines around the world. With good agent systems in main sea ports all over the world and good partners in famous shipping lines, DTST Corp. provides the sea freight services at the competitive rates. We can manage the best for each shipment at departure port or transit port to destination ports. 


The Main services and products: Export & import cargoes from Viet Nam to worldwide and vice versa of the main market: China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Korea, EUs… 

• FCA or Door to door delivery services with competitive freight rates and save time. 

• Cargoes insurance brokerage.

• Projects and exhibition cargoes services in Viet Nam and and the surrounding area…

• Provide multimodal transportation and additional services in logistics chain including warehousing, forwarding, shipping, and customs declaration to help customers time-saving and cost reduction.

• Provide logistics services with international standards quality.

• Competitive prices and suitable transit time associated with liability insurance carrier are consistent with customer needs.


FREIGHT AGENT service for Heavy lift/ Projects shipment include:

1. FCA POE/ FULL LINER TERM HOOK/HOOK of all packages (preparing MOS, Pre-Stowage Plans…) 

2. SPMT services (in requirements for each shipment requirements, if any)

3. Free stowage of 7 days at loading port before ship performance arrival
4. Lashing and dunnage all included.
5. Hook-on / Hook-off and additional stevedore included.
6. Hook off fee include folk lifters charges included.
7. Port Master (loading and discharging services) 
8. Port of Loading/ Port of Discharging cargo survey included.
9. CARGO WHARF TOLLS all and or priorities included.
10. 24 hrs free time fully reversible
11. Partials shipment on deck (and or under deck without option)
12. Cargo non-stackable/ stackable as the requirements
13. Sole shipment and or Partial in options  
14. Vessel age always under 20 years (and or in requirements)


DTST Corp. has direct contract with main shipping lines around the world.

A heavy-lift ship is a vessel designed to move very large loads that cannot be handled by normal ships. They are of two types:

– Semi-submersible ships that take on water ballast to allow the load – usually another vessel – to be floated over the deck, whereupon the ballast is jettisoned and the ship’s deck and cargo raised above the waterline.

– Project cargo ships that use at least one heavy-lift crane for handling heavy cargo and sufficient ballast to assure stability and sea-keeping properties.

Inland/waterway transportation by trucks and barges

DTST Corp. provide transport services by road, especially the north-south transport route with full services door to door follow the request of customers.

Multimodal transport

With a global agent network in many countries, DTST Corp. is capable of meeting the needs of on-site transport through a combination of different modes of transport.

Project cargo handling

Oversize equipment or factory’s equipment system can be safely moved and installed. With professional and experienced teams, we handle all types of machines and equipment at your request.