About Us

Welcome to Duc Tuan Shipping and Trading Co.,Ltd (DucTuanCo.Ltd)

 As part of an holistic approach to affecting a dramatic change in the way we address the challenge of globalisation, and the concurrent increases in resource use that occur as a direct result of growth, DucTuanCo.Ltd offers a platform to spread knowledge and ideas about good practice on the part of producers and consumers alike.
DucTuanCo.Ltd has developed into a successful bulk-commodity trading, shipping, and ect. Our company has focused on vertical integration in its evolution, linking together a supply chain process to optimize efficiency.
As an international supplier and trading DucTuanCo.Ltd has gained recognition as a leader in the import and export of dry bulk commodities, and those include:





Chemical Fertilizer

 The group’s shipping division offers chartering, operating, freight trading, and technical management services – backed by professional teams and our own fleet of bulk carriers. With a combined professionals staff working in our headquarters and branch offices across the core trading regions,DucTuanCo.Ltd  is dedicated to provide excellence always.
Our main activities:

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Shipping
  • Port operator
  • Crew supplier

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