Young people are increasingly able to own low-rise real estate thanks to their sensitivity to sales policies

Own low-rise real estate with capital equal to an apartment’s Real Estate Consumer Psychology survey data in early 2024 shows that young people are increasingly interested in the real estate market and want to own a home soon. In particular, the proportion planning to buy real estate in the next year of the 22-29 year old group accounts for 26% and the 30-39 year old group accounts for 38%. In addition, the level of searching for real estate news on real estate sites of GenZ and GenY groups is also high with a proportion of 18.7% and 42.1%, respectively.

Regarding financial choices, this group of young customers has a more “open-minded” view than the previous generation with installment home loans. In addition, they also make living space, green space and technology the first criteria when choosing a place to live.

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