Ca Mau Fertilizer NPK

Green is more durable, more economical The opaque urea product is the only product that

Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant produces with outstanding advantages compared to similar products on the market, continues to be recognized and appreciated by farmers and distribution system nationwide.

This is the first and only opaque granular fertilizer product produced in Vietnam with many outstanding features compared to other traditional nitrogen fertilizers on the market such as: Slow nitrogen resolution, helping plants absorb Effectively collect nutrients, make green plants durable and save fertilizer, uniform particle size, no mites, so it is easy to spread and easy to mix.

Outstanding features Slow decomposition ability, limiting nitrogen loss, helping plants to absorb nutrients better;

The seeds are large, round, with little mites, and high hardness to facilitate transportation;

High drying efficiency, low moisture content, no clumps, suitable for mixing with other single fertilizers, convenient in the fertilization process; Low content of soil discolorants (biuret).

Net weight: 50kg.

Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture.

Ca Mau Fertilizer Urea Suitable for all soil types and all types of crops and can be applied in combination with other fertilizers.

Fertilizer amount and period: Rice: 50-60 kg/ha/time (3 times/crop: 7-10 days after sowing/18-22 days after sowing/ 38-42 days after sowing) Corn: 80-100 kg /ha/times (3 times/crop: 7-10 days after planting/20-30 days after planting/40-50 days after planting) Sugarcane:120-150 kg/ha/time (3 times/crop: 15-20 days after planting/2-3 months after planting/4-5 months after planting) Fruit trees (mango, longan, pomelo, rambutan):

The basic construction phase fertilize 200-300 g/plant/time (4 times/year: 3 months/time). Business stage fertilize 300-500 g/plant/time (4-6 times/year: post-harvest/before flowering/post-fruit setting/fruit development apply 1-3 times) Coffee, pepper:

Basic construction stage: fertilize 100-200 kg/ha/time (4 times/year: 3 months/time).

Business stage: In the dry season, apply 120-170 kg/ha/time (1-2 times); In the rainy season, apply 150-180 kg/ha/time (3-4 times: at the beginning of the rainy season/in the middle of the rainy season/at the end of the rainy season). Tea: 70-110 kg/ha/time (fertilize once a month). Rubber (business period): 200-300 kg/ha (divided into 2-3 times of fertilizer/year: early rainy season/mid rainy season/end rainy season) Fruit vegetables (watermelon, pepper, tomato) : Apply 80-120 kg/ha (7-10 days after planting).

Fertilize 150-200 kg/ha/time (2-3 times/crop: 20-25 days after planting and fruit development apply 1-2 times) Short-term leafy vegetables: 100-200 kg/ha/time (2 times: 7-10 days after planting/20-30 days after planting)